August 28, 2010

wanna trade?

Warning: the following post may or may not be tacky.  I don't know the rules about these sorts of things.

I'm looking for someone to do two pieces of simple cross stitch work in exchange for some of my handmade wares.  I need the work done fairly quickly, so the stitcher should probably be in Canada or the US. 

The pieces are very simple.  Normally I'd do it myself, but since I'm pretty short on time and have stacks of business related sewing to do.  I thought I would try this and see what happens.

If you're interested in a trade and have some free time to do this soon (which is my polite way of saying now-ish) send me an email at thursday{at}  Please be sure to include photos of your work (that sounds rude, but after my last Alchemy request on Etsy I've learned to ask for pictures).

Happy weekend to y'all!  I'll be back on Sunday with something delicious to show you!