August 11, 2010

thrifted: jack and jill

Remember yesterday?  Well, I should hope so (it was only yesterday after all).

Anyway, the reason I'm yammering on is because yesterday I mentioned that I had a new thrifted find to share with you all.  I'm excited about this one.  Very, very excited.

You might know that I'm in the beginning stages of decorating (redecorating would imply that I did anything to it to start with) Georgia's bedroom.  I thought I had found the perfect lamp (and believe me, I was pretty close) until I happened upon this drop-dead awesome piece. (Pssst.  Caren - that means a certain lamp is coming to live with you sometime very soon!)

Amazing, right?

Are you dying from a cuteness overload?  I am.

{St Vincent du Paul, Belleville, Ontario | paid $5} 
I have such good luck at this particular thrift shop.  I don't come away with something amazing every time, but the things that I do find I tend to love for many, many years.
Do you have a favourite thrift shop in your hometown?  What's the best thing you've found there?