August 26, 2010

prototype: the new resin belt buckles part two

I'm back and I have more resin to show you!!

On Tuesday I showed you my first attempt attempt at an updated belt buckle.  I've done more work on that theme of buckle and the results are looking pretty darned fancy.  I have to admit, I'm struggling with keeping the phrases all sweetness and rainbows.  There may come a time when I have to renege on that commitment (bah - my sarcasm muscle is just too strong).

Tonight I'm here to introduce you to my second theme of belt buckles.  There is no shortage of cuteness in these puppies - have a look for yourself!

These pieces were not my first attempts, and I thought it might be interesting (for you?  for me?  who knows) if I shared a few more photos of how I got here.

Initially I embroidered the doll faces on a thin white fabric.  Nope, that definitely didn't work.  You can see right through it.

Then I tried the white fabric again, but this time I backed it with a peachy toned felt.  This one I actually cast in resin.  Still not working though.  After casting them in resin there were some air pockets in between the layers of fabric.  Very obvious and not very pretty.  Try, try again.

Finally, I found a magic combination of crafty tricks and I came up with something I really like.  I can't wait to start making loads of these little cutie faces.

I think these are pretty much the final product.  I'll adjust the sizing of the face ever so slightly, but that might be it.  I plan on doing lots of different hair colours.  Some girls will have glasses too.  But all in all, I'm kind of in love with this project!  It's finally giving me a chance to include some embroidery in my wares and that makes me very, very happy!

That's all for me.  Do you have any new projects on your craft table?

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