August 24, 2010

prototype: the new resin belt buckles part one

I think it's official.  I'm back in the resin game.  I thought I had bid farewell to this craft long ago, but it has beckoned me back with all of its plasticy charms.

Many moons ago I made resin belt buckles.  I would cut up old kids books (I know that made a few people cringe) and write sarcastic captions for the pictures.  They were always a big hit at craft fair; thusly making me believe I was the funniest broad on the block. 

While I was pregnant I couldn't touch resin.  As time passed my inspiration for this snarky craft waned and I broke things off (only problem is that I had a box full of a couple hundred belt buckle findings).

Anyway, that's a big old story to tell just to come back to the start again.  Resin and I have reconciled.  Our relationship is different this time.  I'm avoiding sarcasm and downright raunchiness.  It's all sugar and spice this time around.  Don't worry yourself though - I'm still intolerably sarcastic and uncomfortable in every other aspect of my life.  That will never change.

I'm working on two different themes of buckles.  The first set is inspired by the post I wrote the other day.  You'll see that the end result wasn't a smashing success, but these are prototypes and that's all part of the process.

One of my favourite sayings - one of my least favourite belt buckles.  The font is too fuzzy.  I definitely need some definition or a change in font altogether.

Getting better, but still a little on the fuzzy side.  Don't you just love this saying?  It completely warms my heart.

This was the most successful piece, but I still see a few areas for improvement.  I love this font though - absolute perfection for this saying. 

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the way this theme is going.  I love the idea of using these old adages as sort of daily mantras.  As for the design, I think if I amp up the background a little and give the fonts more definition I'll almost be there.  I also must remember to keep the text a bit smaller so that it doesn't get warped by the shape of the buckle (I promise that makes sense to me).

I'll be updating these designs and creating a few new ones before I do the next cast.  I can't wait to share a real final product sometime soon!

I'm off for the night.  I have lots of fabric cutting and matching to do.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  Have a drink, a slice of cake and think of me!