August 21, 2010

picking myself back up

My heels are dragging.  My eyelids are drooping.  My soul is sleepy.  I cannot say goodbye to this week soon enough.

In the past few days I've faced

* a hefty mechanic bill
* rejection of my handmade wares
* lack of sleep
* hours of driving

I'm feeling a little trampled, but I'm trying hard to remember the good stuff.  So after a week of some thoroughly unimpressive moments, I would like to take a moment to highlight some silver linings.

An updated haircut that I love.

A beautiful new shrug for my wardrobe.

A finished project.

A silly egg repelling babe.

You see friends, I have a reason to smile.  I'll catch up on my sleep.  My car will drive softer.  And I'll pick myself up after this wee setback and learn from it.

Life is good.  I am a fortunate lady.