August 13, 2010

eight months

This time last month I was completely remiss in my motherly duty.  It's not that I forgot.  It's not that there was something more important.  It's just that I was so darn tired.  Too tired for a photo shoot, too sleepy for photo editing.  Instead I simply enjoyed the company of my sweet girl on the day she turned seven months old.  What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry for not sharing photographic evidence of Georgia's supreme cuteness at seven months (this apology is mostly to myself, I'm kind of kicking myself for it).  

Actually, today was no less busy than most.  I had hoped for a chill afternoon in the craft room, cutting some fabric and prepping for upcoming craft sales.  That all changed when I received a very exciting (and very secret) email.  So instead of checking things off my to-do list I raced around the house trying to meet the needs of this new goal/wish/amazingness. 

As the day slowed down my little family was finally able to get to some quality time in the park.  While Georgie contemplated life in her swaying swing I was able to snap a few photos.  This was by far my favourite.

Georgia Grace, you are a silly carefree kid.  I love you from my tippy toes to my split ends.  Somehow you make 7:30am a time to smile.  I even get giddy when I hear you stir in the night.  You're growing so fast it makes my tummy flip at the thought of it.  What a lucky, happy life you've given me.  Thank you, little goose, thank you for every single day.

You are loved.