August 30, 2010

the (baked) goods: a life full of lemons

I was supposed to be here yesterday with something sweet to show you all - but I got busy.  My afternoon was filled with a photo shoot and chatting with a friend.  But don't worry, I had a plan.  A cookie related plan.

I put a call out on Twitter the other day asking people to suggest something delicious to bake up.  The always trusty food blogger the peche responded at lightening speed with a link to this recipe.  I was intrigued, so I made a commitment to bake a batch of these nutty wonders.

While the babe napped in the morning I whipped up a batch (ahem, giant batch) of the cookie dough.  I put it in the fridge to chill and went about my day running errands.  All the while I dreamt of my soon-to-be delicious friends.

This is where things get a little nutty (Ha!  Seriously, I think that's funny).  I preheat the oven, put the baking sheets in and 10 minutes later out comes a puddle where a cookie should be.  I try again.  Same thing.  One last time - using up the last of my batter - and again we have flat, wet sadness.

I know it was something I did, but just for tonight I'm going to shake my fist a the recipe, the stove and the kitchen area in general.  If you know what I did wrong please let me know.  The very edges of these sweet things tasted so good.  I'd love to give them another go if I felt like success was a possibility.

Anyway, all is not lost.  I've been saving this teensy little recipe in case a occasion such as this arose.  Don't laugh at me, but today has kinda been one of those days that I just needed to...

I think I mentioned this once, but I like lemons.  I really like lemons.  Especially in the summer.  This year I've seen no shortage of enticing photos of frosty glasses of lemonade.  I was buying a can or two of the frozen concentrate a week to keep up with the cravings.  And that got me thinking - how hard could it be to make my own?

The answer - not hard at all!  It definitely takes more time that plopping in a brick of frozen sugar, but making it myself means that it doesn't contain a laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients.

I followed this recipe exactly for the first batch.  I found it to be a tad overpowering in the sweetness department.  I like my lemonade a little closer to the tart side of the scale.  For the second batch I cut the sugar in half and it was perfection!  I added enough water to make 1.75 liters.  In my opinion, it was the perfect amount of dilution.

Today gave me a handful of lemons, but I can't say that I can see that as a bad thing.