August 22, 2010

the (baked) goods: banana cake

Now that the weather is has chilled out a little my kitchen is feeling less like a furnace.  That can only mean one thing - the oven is on, the cake stands are on duty and I'm back with another installment of the (baked) goods.

This week is brought to you by...

I have to admit that this cake is basically a really good banana bread BUT it has icing therefore it be a cake.

I used the cake recipe found over at Lovin' From the Oven and a modified version of the buttercream icing recipe found over at the Food Network (not so much icing sugar).

I loved this cake; I will definitely have to make it again some time.  But you know, I always find that buttercream icing is better the next day.  It's almost like it cuts the sweetness or something.  Or perhaps I just eat too much icing out of the bowl and I'm over sugared by the time I get to the cake.  I'll never be able to say for sure since I can't stop testing the icing (that would be irresponsible baking practices).

It felt so good to be baking again that I think I'll make a regular thing of this!  Stop by My Girl Thursday each Sunday to visually feast on something fresh and sweet right out of the oven.

Hope you all are enjoying your sweet Sunday.  See you soon!