July 21, 2010

your opinion needed (once more)

Hello friends.

Georgie and I went for a wee stroll this afternoon to scope out potential photo shoot locations.  Just last night I finished up a new batch of aprons and chalkboard totes - so, of course, we need some new photos to go along with them.

I somehow managed to gather a small army of models (thank you, thank you. thank you to all of you who offered suggestions - I was mere moments away from buying a mannequin when I published that post).  The plan is to shoot on Sunday afternoon (no rain, fingers crossed).

Now I must decide which locale will work the best.  This is where you come in.  I want to choose a spot that has a number of background options.  I've found two different locations.



Obviously, these test shots are missing a little something (ahem, models) - but what do you think?  Do you have one spot you prefer?  Anything one background you love?  Hate?  I'm in need of some feedback and I would so appreciate yours!

Stop by here tomorrow to find out how to win one of my chalkboard tote bags!