July 12, 2010

with a little help from my friend

I mentioned the other day that I'm making a a couple simple (but wonderful) changes to my aprons.  The main modifications is adding a fabric tie to the waist of the smock.  It's your basic fabric tube - which historically I have hated making.  But this, my friends, has all changed thanks to a dynamite new (to me) sewing tool.

My new bestie in the sewing room is this Quick Turn gadget (the blue tube and stick in the picture above).  It is beyond simple and totally effective.

I won't bother explaining how it work (that's what the back of the package is for).  But after a poke her, a pull there and bazinga! - you have a fully turned tube o' fabric.

 (before meeting the iron)

Frankly, I have no idea how I lived without this thing for so long.  Actually, scrap that.  I just avoided making fabric tubes at all costs.  Those days are long gone though.  Long, long gone.

What's your favourite sewing trick or tool?  I'd love to add some more craftiness to my craftiness.