July 19, 2010

well, hello you!

Yesterday was a day for crafting!  I've finally finished cutting pattern pieces for new aprons and totes.  Upstairs, the boyfriend is priming a new batch of chalk cloth.  As soon I I click Publish Post I'll be back at the ironing board making a whole bunch of fabric tubes.

Oh!  I should tell you that later on today My Girl Thursday will be featured in the July sponsor giveaway over at Freckled Nest.  One lucky somebody is going to win a $30 store credit for my newly opened Etsy shop

My Girl Thursday will also be featured on another amazing blog in a few days - but that's all I'm saying about that for right now.

So, hello to all of you who are new to these parts.  And, of course, welcome back to those who visit regularly.  Did you know I just adore your bones?