July 10, 2010

something is missing

For the next week or so there will be something noticeably absent from my Etsy shop.  For just a short while I won't be selling the (reversible) apron.

You see, I spent quite a while working on the pattern, the fit, choosing fabrics, ribbons and other adornments.  In the end I liked the look (and I got really positive feedback from others) - but after much thought there was still something that wasn't sitting right.

Last night I did some serious revisioning and came up with 

To add some more sturdiness to the tie I'm adding a long fabric belt.  They're looking pretty cute!  Now they cinch at the waist and you can tie a bow at the front (or the back) of the apron.  The new look is making for a very proud mama!

No photos of the updated pieces just yet - I'll be doing a shoot on Monday.  I can't wait to share the photos with you all.  This has been a big lesson in working on a piece until I'm totally satisfied with it.