July 15, 2010

rip: thrifted thursday

It's the end of an era folks.  This evening I'm announcing the loss of a beloved weekly feature.  Thrifted Thursday wasn't with us for a long time, but the times we had were wonderful indeed.

Now that I've crossed selling vintage off my to-do list I find myself thrifting a lot less (don't worry friends, I have stopped - only slowed).  I will continue to do thrifted posts though.  I just don't want you to stumble over here one Thursday and be disappointed when you don't find a plethora of thrifted goodness.

So, that's the good sad word for the night.  I will be announcing a few more changes over the next few days (but don't fret, none are all that devastating).

Thanks to everyone for the feedback about models and aprons.  If you didn't get a chance to lend me your opinions last night I'd still love to hear them tonight!

You may have noticed that I changed the look of the blog.  It's a simpler version for now.  A sort of in-between look.  I've got some plans for the future, just need some time to make them come to fruition.