July 14, 2010

the (reversible) apron is back in the shop

After a brief hiatus, the (reversible) apron has returned to My Girl Thursday on Etsy

I've added a nice long fabric belt to each of the aprons and I think they're looking finer than ever.

I find that I'm stressing a lot about photo shoot themes and models.  My current model, Des, is so cute - but also very busy.  I'm trying to find additional girls to add to the team, but having to ask people to model for free (or trade) is really holding me back.  I really want to be able to offer models some sort of monetary something but that isn't really possible at this point.

I was thinking of purchasing a mannequin and forgetting my recruitment woes.  However, I'm really worried that mannequin shots can lack personality and a certain level of fun that a real chick can bring. 

Tonight I'd like to ask for some feedback.  I've got a lot of questions.

What do you think of the updated apron?  Better than before?
What are your thoughts on the new photo theme?
Real model vs. Mannequin.  Who wins in your book?
How the heck do you approach people about modelling your stuff?  I'm so freaking shy!

I'd love to hear what you think.  My brains are in a total tizzy over this.