July 5, 2010

that kind of day

I almost did it. I was seriously considering dropping the blog ball this evening. After a day like today I don't think you'd blame me.

As you probably know, today was hot.  So hot that it felt like my skin was going to melt off and turn into little puddles at my feet.  Gross - but take it up with the weather.

What better activity for such a fine day than driving for hours in an un-airconditioned vehicle.  A throw in a cat with an infected and swollen leg.  Now you're getting a better idea of what my day looked like.

Addie, my one and only kitten, has been walking funny for the last few days.  This morning Jesse told me that her foot was now turning a dark shade of purple.  I won't go into detail, but I will say that when we gently squeezed the swollen area it wasn't a tidy scene.  Ummm, was that too much detail?

A call to the vet was made and an appointment was secured.  When I finally made it to the office I found out that my vet was no longer there.  Dr. New Vet told me that Addie would need emergency surgery in order to get out all of the infection.  An hour and a half later I had a very groggy and grumpy kitty back in her carrier and on the road back to home.

She's not allowed to go outside for ten days.  I have a feeling that these are going to be ten of the longest days of my life.

A long day, but worth it to know that my smelly cat is on the road to recovery.

Feel better grumpy pants!