June 24, 2010

thrifted thursday: spoils of the donnybrook

Okay, I'm almost done talking about The Donnybrook - I promise.  But I couldn't stop rambling on before I had a chance to show off my auction loots?  This is a long Thrifted Thursday - you've been warned!

(Please excuse the background fabric.  I thought it was going to work out much better than it did.)

{two dollars for the set}

Picked these up after auction.  I was a little surprised that no one wanted them.  Just have to find the perfect shades for them now.  The hunt - she never ends.

{one dollar}

Buying this was so silly.  I already had a perfectly good blender at home - but it doesn't look nearly as spiffy as this one.  Just look at that dial!  And the silver.  And the fonts.  Old blender - you've formally been served with your eviction notice.

{fifty cents each}

Sadly, I couldn't find my dream stand mixer.  To hold myself over until my best-ever birthday gift (family/friends/boy - hint, hint), I decided to pick up two hand mixers.  I have one already, but I'm sure I'm going to burn through the motor in the next week or two.  Ummm, I like to bake.

{two dollars}

I'm not responsible for this awesome find - but I'm still pretty proud of it.  Some of you might know that I already have a Fisher Price record player - but she's been so lonely and in such need of a friend.

{three dollars}

Black and white on the inside and orange all over. 

{three dollars}

Not terribly exciting to look at - but three bucks!  Woot woot!!  The mismatched set I bought at last years Donnybrook are now retired (or burnt to a crisp - same thing).

{one dollar}

I'm a little worried that I'm going to get some flack over this one.  I love this chair though.  If it doesn't work for us then we're only out a buck.  I'm going to scrub this down, remove the foot rest and the old rope.  We'll see what we have after that.  It could be a diamond in the rough.

 I did pick up a few more things - but I think we've had enough at this point.

Have you thrifted anything exciting this week?  If you've blogged it please share a link.  I'd love to see your latest treasure.