June 11, 2010

thrifted thursday: skates, plates, phones and boards

Let me start this Thrifted Thursday with a short letter to my Internet connection.
Dear Cogeco (and all other entities involved with my Internet),

You are a bag of suck.  You are unreliable, smelly and I there are only a few moments when I think kindly of you.

Please pull up your socks.  My little blog is counting on you.


Okay - now that that's out of the way we shall begin the good thrift.

Remember last week when I was yammering on about The Busy Bee in Campbellford?  Well, I wasn't done.  Indulge me once more, will you please?

But before that, I just wanted to mention one more really fun thing about no longer selling vintage online.  I can finally brag about the amazing deals I got on these things.  Thrifters knows that that's half the fun - but if you resell you can't/shouldn't reveal the cost of the item (or at least that was my train of thought when I was doing it).  Let the bragging begin (hey - I know it's not polite, but just give me this one okay?).

{found at The Busy Bee, Campbellford, Ontario}

As if I need another plate/serving tray/sweet stand.  But I didn't have anything quite like this - and look at the detailing.  It's so pretty!  C'mon - some of my sweet Whoopie Pies are going to look adorable on this thing.  

  {found at The Busy Bee, Campbellford, Ontario}
{25 cents}

Goodbye ugly navy blue ironing board cover.  You've been replaced by an older and much more attractive model.  Sure, she has a few stains - but that's just experience baby.  Ewww, that's the end of that.  Still love the new cover though.

{found at The Busy Bee, Campbellford, Ontario}

This new friend is making me want to give up my cell phone for a land line.  First I'll need to make some 13 year old friends to talk at while I twirl my hair round my finger.  

When I bought this it had a sticker that read "You're 100% Awesome!"  I do believe that is a rather fitting description (for the phone).

  {found at The Busy Bee, Campbellford, Ontario}

I'll be the first to admit that these don't look like much right now.  After a little love, shoe polish and new laces I think these sweet things may shine once more.  It's not easy finding roller skates anymore - much less a pair that will fit my giant girl feet.  These may even end up being my favourite find of the summer - we'll see.

Alright - so I'm done for the week.  Sorry that this installment is coming in a few minutes after Thursday.  It counts if I started the post on the proper day, right?