June 3, 2010

thrifted thursday: e.t., tv tables and an ugly sweater



So, friends. I had the grandest plans for this weeks Thrifted Thursday. I really did.

At noon I packed up Georgia and we headed to Campbellford to visit one of my all-time favourite thrift spots. You see, I was going to take you all along on a trip to The Busy Bee.

We drove under the gross grey sky and through the cold, dull rain. We stopped at my Grandma Shorty's house, Georgia cried and we all climbed into the car together. Georgia cried some more. We made our way to the Baptist church, I plopped the miss in the Ergo and we darted into the epic garage of thrift.

I pull out my camera. It is time to begin this photographic journal.

I turn the camera on.

There's a message....NO MEMORY CARD

Follow with a disbelieving laugh and fallen shoulders.

I'm sorry friends, it was going to be a fun ride. Despite the crappy weather and the crying baby todays thrifting was pretty successful. With less than $15 I walked away with a box full awesome retro finds and a little something awesome I'll tell you about next Thursday.

Anyway, this is all a rather long apology excuse for a rather scattered Thrifted Thursday.

{found at Stretch Thrift Store, Keswick, Ontario}

E.T. scared the bejesus out of me as a child. Still does to a lesser extent. So when I found him in a thrift shop I just had to buy him for Georgia. You know, so I can pass that nagging discomfort down a generation. Also, I'm assuming E.T. is a dude. Maybe he's not. Maybe there's no such gender business in E.T.-land.

{found at St. Vincent du Paul, Belleville, Ontario}

Found two TV tables just when I was looking for them. We don't actually watch television while we're eating. I bought these because I really like having another surface for my laptop when I'm in the kitchen baking. Lord knows if I put my computer on the countertop it would be water-logged within seconds.

I kind of dig the design on top, don't you?

{found at The Busy Bee, Campbellford, Ontario}

I picked this crazy-cuckoo handmade number weeks ago at the Busy Bee. I actually kind of hate it - but I have this gut feeling that it can be turned into something incredible. I'm a little lost as to what that might be at this point. I'll have to scour Sweater Surgery for a few ideas. Any suggestions? For now she hangs in my craft room closet.

Really sorry I couldn't take y'all to The Busy Bee with me today. I'm really excited to share all of my new finds with you. You may want to make sure your eye balls are securely fastened before you stop by next Thursday - some of my finds are too freaking rad!

If you need more thrift you can get your fix over at the Thrift Thursday Flickr pool.