June 25, 2010


Yesterday was a busy day.  Today is a busy day.  In all likelihood tomorrow will be a busy day.  That's just the kind of week we're having around here.

I'm working triple-time trying to get myself ready for the grand re-opening of My Girl Thursday on Etsy.  Yesterday afternoon my friend Des and I got through the lion's share of the photography.  Now it's up to me to get the detail shots of the aprons and fabric badges.   

It seems like the list will never come to an end, but I am happy with the work that I've been doing each day.

the sneakiest of peeks of yesterdays photoshoot

I'm so excited to share my finished work with you all!  I know I've been fairly secretive about my finished pieces.  But I've just been saving up for the big reveal.

The time is so close.

I hope you will like what you see.

A special thanks to Maggie for letting us borrow her lovely yellow bench and to Glow Maternity for the use of their studio space!