June 7, 2010

letting go

On Saturday a few friends got together and threw one very lovely yard/bake sale.  I don't normally write about neighbourhood yard sales, but because I was one of the participants I thought I'd make an exception. 

I've been part of a few yard sales in my day.  They always seem to include a lots of lifting, sunburns and a car load of misfit-island leftovers.  But in the end these days are often remembered fondly (and it's always nice to have purged some clutter).

This sale was particularly cathartic because I was letting go of something I've been doing for years.  After four years I am officially saying goodbye to selling vintage online (or anywhere for that matter).

I won't go into great detail (because it's not at all interesting).  I will say that I found the photographing, description writing, searching for shipping supplies, and estimating shipping costs to be a far greater burden than I could take on.  Holy moly, people that do this deserve loads of respect - does it ever take a lot of energy.

So on Saturday I packed my table with tonnes of vintage sweetness and said farewell.

In July I plan to re-open my Etsy shop and stock it with my new line of handmade wares.  I'm so excited to finally share some of my finished pieces with you all.  Keeping it under wraps hasn't been easy!

To see more (and read more) about this fun little yard sale check out So Fawned and Buttercupped.