June 12, 2010

download & print: recipe cards for the bakers

It's time for another Download & Print my pretties!  I really love doing this sort of thing - but sometimes the ideas/inspirations are a little slow coming.  What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry it took so long for me to create something new. 

Some of you might look at this and say "Oh my goodness Thursday!  Obsessed much?  Can't you get your head out of the kitchen?"  And to that I say "No, actually I can't.  And who cares?  This is my blog.  Get outta here bossypants!  Geez-Louise.  I'm giving out free stuff over here."

Can we be friends again?


I missed you.


Today I want to share some cutie pie recipe cards with you.  But these aren't exactly like your everyday card.  These are meant specifically for bakers (you sweet sweets lovers).

I cook.  I get it.  It's all right.  But baking has my heart.  I love getting flour all over my face, brown sugar in the pockets of my apron and scattering egg shells around the counter top.  My level of contentedness has a direct correlation with the rise of a cake.

Here she is my confectionery cohorts.  A sweet little recipe card to call your own.

Ahhh!  Isn't she cute?!

I've packed four cards on one page and they're all ready for you to download, print and cut out.  They're a tad bigger than your average recipe card.  I find that there's never enough space to write on those teeny-weeny things - so I think a bigger card is an improvement. 

Click HERE to download the JPEG version. (left click and Save Image As)  I prefer printing these on white card stock because it makes for a sturdier card. 

 don't feed the narcissist monster

I took many photos of the "making" process - but guess who didn't put the SD card back in the camera.  Good work Thursday - you're a dork.  Oh well, the pictures weren't that good anyway (not that I'm saying that the above are either).

Have fun my baking buddies!  See you tomorrow with another Guilty Pleasure.

Recipe cards are for personal use only.