May 6, 2010

thrifted thursday: suitcases, stitches and shakers

Good Thursday to you friend.

I thought it was high time to bite the bullet and create a regular thrifting feature. You and I both know that I have a problem saying "no" to second-hand - and why would I want to? I have pretty good thrifting luck and I'm forever showing off my latest treasures. So why don't we just say we'll meet here every Thursday and I'll show you my new favourites? Sound good? Well then, it's a date.

I'm going to call this feature Thrifted Thursday. Painfully unoriginal, I know, but because I'm all about lady Thursday here I figure I can get away with this. I'll also be posting my featured items in the Thrift Thursday! Flickr pool. If you haven't checked out

Let's begin this first official feature post with something stunning.

{found at Value Village, Newmarket, Ontario}

Isn't she pretty? I have a few vintage suitcases that I use for storage in my craft room, but this little lady is so fine that I may have to save her for craft shows. Or travel. Or magical unicorn rides. The possibilities are endless.

{found at St Vincent du Paul, Peterborough, Ontario)

I'm in love with this Hummel inspired embroidery piece. The best-friend cuties can brighten the cloudiest of days. Plus, I'm a sucker for just about anything embroidered or hand-stitched.

{found at Value Village, Peterborough, Ontario}

Well hello you! I wish I could have found the salt to go with his pepper, but I'm still happy this lonesome fellow found his way to my home. How can you not love tacky salt and pepper shakers? So much fun!

So that's all for this week. I'm really excited about this new feature. I love sharing all of my thrifty finds with you guys!

Have you found anything great at your local thrift shop lately? I'd love to hear all about it.