May 27, 2010

thrifted thursday: paint by number & dry by towel

You know what?  I haven't been all that thrifty this week.

Things have been very busy around the house.  My partner Jesse is moving clinic locations for June 1st and we have been working overtime to get things just right.  Unfortunately this means my second hand shopping has suffered (you feel bad for me right?).

I do have a little bit to share with you though.  Here are two of my favourite recent(ish) finds.

{found at St Vincent du Paul, Belleville, Ontario}

I count myself as a victim of this paint-by-number bug that is going around.  I am fully infatuated with this painting.  It hangs right above my bedroom work station (does that sound right - I'm not certain it does).  Everything about it makes me smile.  The gold specks on the frame, the globiness of the paint, the obvious brush strokes - it's perfection!

{found at Value Village, Peterborough, Ontario}

I picked up this tea towel a few months ago and tossed it in my Etsy bin.  I had lots of tea towels so I wasn't thinking about adding any more to my collection.  After going through that box I think I may have changed my mind.  How could I let this beauty leave my kitchen?  Madness. (Plus - she linen - a keep for sure.)

That's all for Thrifted Thursday this week. 

Have you found anything of note while thrifting this week?