May 20, 2010

thrifted thursday: in the kitchen

I like Thursdays because Thursdays are so thrifty!

Who's ready for some kitschy kitchen finds?

{found at Value Village, Peterborough, Ontario}

This is my favourite, favourite, favourite colour.  I was super stoked to find these babies the other day.  Better yet we actually needed a new pepper grinder (and not that fuzzy kind of need that is a little too close to want).  To accomodate our new friend we glady adopted Sister Salt.  Score!

{found at St. Vincent du Paul, Peterborough, Ontario}

Are you loving my new spice containers?  I could just eat up these delicious 70's colours.  I found more than what is shown in this picture - but this just happens to look the nicest. 

{found at Busy Bee, Campbellford, Ontario}

A way-back find from last summer.  This trivet is near perfect in every way.  The detailing and theme are totally perfect for my new kitchen.  While I was thrifting this afternoon I found another trivet to go with this one.  I can't wait until they meet.  TLF!

Until next week friends - keep on thrifting on!