May 13, 2010

thrifted thursday: book, box and platter

Hello, hello and welcome to the second edition of Thrifted Thursday.

I have a cute; albeit random, collection of things to share with you this week.

Lets get thrifty!

{found at the Lakefield Flea Market, Lakefield, Ontario}

Every single page of this amazing book is filled with darling full colour illustrations. Words cannot describe how much I love this book. You'll be seeing lots of these graphics around my girl thursday in the near future.

{found at Value Village, Peterborough, Ontario}

I try not to incorporate the faux bois look into too much of my design (even though I am a fan) - but I can't resist it when I'm thrifting. When I found this metal filing box I just couldn't say no. I'll be using it to store assorted clippings of vintage illustration.

{found at The Salvation Army, Newmarket, Ontario}

This is a rather small find but there's something about it that I really love. It's so sleek and clean and it has a great mid-century vibe. This beauty now lives in my craft room and holds on to my silver bobbins.

That's all the second-hand splendor for today. Check out the Thrift Thursday Flickr pool for theseand many other great thrifted treasures.

Have you thrifted anything wonderful this week?