May 12, 2010

scrap busting badges

On Sunday I was given the whole entire day to craft. I didn't, of course. YouTube and Twitter are very distracting. I did appreciate the time alone though (teething Georgia = headaches).

In the few hours that I managed to get crafty I was working away on my badge making machine.

Looky! I figured out that I could use my hole punch on fabric scraps.

This discovery is going to take my badge making (and scrap busting) in a whole new direction. And for this reason I am excited!

Just check out these sweet fabric buttons...

This is not at all what I had planned when I purchased this machine - but I'm so pleased with this wee badge evolution.

I'm so excited to properly photograph these guys. I have this idea in my head of how it should look and it is so cute! Cross your fingers that they turn out that way.

This is obviously my favourite new way to use up fabric pieces. What's yours?