May 21, 2010

my new(est) serger

Oh my goodness - it`s so late!

Before I hop off to bed I want to introduce you to my newest crafty friend.

She`s so shy.  Look - she`s blushing!

My very generous (and very) great Aunt sent her to me all the way from South Bend, Indiana.  Isn`t that awesome?  And she works like a charm.  The serger I mean.  Possibly the Aunt too.  

You might remember the new friend I blogged about way back in March.  Truth be told I never got around to actually using her.  When my Aunt mentioned sending me this serger I was able to return the Singer and get a refund.  Double score!

I had grand serger plans for my time at my grandmothers, but those dreams were dashed once I realized I left the peddle at home.  Oh well friend, we shall get acquainted soon enough.

I haven't managed to give her a name.  This is something I do to (with, for?) all of my sewing machines.  Any moniker suggestions for this little lass?