May 29, 2010

looking up {stupid cat}

Well friends, the day started nice enough.  The boyfriend was off to the market to do acupuncture demos.  Miss Georgia was all smiles and sunshine - didn't even cry when I buckled her in the stroller to go yard saling.  Everything was going sunshine and lollipops.

Then I stepped onto the back porch and could hear a distant meowing.  It was Addie, I know that whiny little squawk all too well.  I call, but she doesn't come.  She does continue to meow from her unknown location.

Eventually I deduce that she is somewhere in my neighbours backyard.  I knock on their door and they are not home.  I try to get in their yard, but that door is locked.  I go all the way around back (with Georgia in tow) and discover a stranger cat is back there yelling her head off too.  Then I look up.

Clinging to a branch like that stupid "hang in there" poster cat is Adelaide.  God knows how long she's been up there, but at this point it's at least four hours (most likely many more).

See the fence in that picture?  I am only slightly taller than it.  That yellow circle.  That's my cat.  Me, I'm in my favourite dress.

The next twenty minutes included several expletives, a few photos and videos, fence climbing (I've got the skills of a 3 year old by the by) and good old fashioned tree shaking.  All the while that stranger cat scampered about; perhaps trying to tell Addie how to get out of the tree.

I managed to pull the branch close enough that I could touch her with my fingertips - and then the neighbour let her dogs out.  As she walked closer I realized that all of the buttons to the top of my dress had come undone.  This was going splendidly.

In a flash I grabbed Addie by the scruff, plopped her on my shoulder and "gracefully" dislodged myself from the fence.

As soon as her paws touched the ground, Addie was all over that mystery cat. After a little rough and tumble the two ran off into the morning sun. No thank you's, no #1 mom mug - nothing.

I used to like cats.