April 15, 2010

wip: piles and piles of smocks

Good evening all.

It's been a wip-y kind of day this Thursday. Early this afternoon I trotted down to my craft room along with my very ambitious to do list.

As I mentioned the other day, I have a lot of crafting to get done. A lot. The plan is to re-open my Etsy shop July 1st - so I want to have a bunch of stock, lovely photos and cute descriptions ready to go in advance.

So what have I been working on today? Smocks. Piles and piles of smocks. The craft room is a mess, but a very sweet mess.

I'm getting really, really excited to this new beginning. I cannot wait to share my new line of work with you all! It's so hard to keep it under wraps.

All in all I've enjoyed my craft room getaway. It's nice to feel all crafty and productive again.

In other news - I'll be announcing a really fun giveaway tomorrow. This time around I'll be offering up some pretties from Love Elycia. Check in tomorrow for more details!

Oh, and let me know - what are you working on lately (crafty or not)?