April 11, 2010

thrifted: matryoshki oven mitts

Hello hello!

Georgia and I have made it to the farm safe and sound. We had a breezy drive here - the driver's side window is stuck in the down position. Thanks goodness it's a bright Spring day. Hopefully we can visit the mechanic tomorrow and get everything patched up.

This afternoon I'd like to share another thrifty find from the week. These adorable matryoshki oven mitts were hiding in a pile of vintage aprons (which I also picked up) at my local St Vincernt. I could hardly believe my good luck when I was digging through the bin. These babies are brand new!

I grabbed up an armful of aprons and both of the mitts. But when I got to the register I could only find the red glove. Both the cashier and I were very confused, because I was so certain I had put the two in my basket.

I went back to the same shop the other day and lo and behold the other over mitt was taped to the wall! It must have been up there for a week and a half just waiting for me to come back. I was pretty blissed out!

And they lived happily ever after. <3