April 23, 2010

thrifted: linen curtains

You know what? I have a love/hate relationship with curtains. I can't say why for certain (because I refuse to put a lot of thought into it), but I'm guessing it's because curtains can be either terribly exciting or devastatingly boring. Historically I've played it pretty safe - but that has only lead me down a very dull and non-noteworthy path.

Ah! But things are changing my friends - and they're changing in my kitchen first! Check out what I found while thrifting just the other day...

Aren't they delicious? And exciting?

Pure linen. Screen printed. Beautiful colours. I die!

Yes, yes - there's a small stain. But this is my kitchen. The place where you can find cake batter on the ceiling and running shoes in the oven. That little stain is no biggie.

I'm so excited about these curtains. Maybe extra excited because I didn't have to make them myself. I love to sew; but there's something about making curtains that is so darn dull. Bleh!

I'm visiting family this weekend. Tomorrow we're hitting the town and attacking the thrift of a whole new city.

Wishing you all a happy Friday evening!