April 14, 2010

thrifted: granny square blankets

It has finally happened folks. I have crossed into another world; a new thrift dimension. In this place people have lost their minds and given away their finest things. I love this new place; I think I'll make it home.

What's going on you ask? What could possibly provoke such outlandish statements?


These are what I've been glowing about all day long.

These wonderful, beautiful, handmade granny square blankets!!

These afghans are so much like the pieces I had picked from Etsy for my granny square obsession post.

I am baffled at my luck. I couldn't believe it when I saw them on the rack. I had to bust out my patented "good-thrift" moves right there (grab item, hold breath, look at other shoppers suspiciously, guard shopping cart with life).

If you follow Polka Dot Robot you might have seen this post already. I couldn't resist sharing it with my readers too!