April 1, 2010

prototype: one inch buttons

Just a quick hello this evening.

I've been playing with my new button machine. Let me tell you - it has been fun!

Shall we have a look-see at what I've been up to?

Richard Scarry. Total classic. These images were salvaged from some old belt buckle I had sitting in box. Cute! I love the little racoon.

Bah! I don't know the artist's name for these - although I'm sure they're hugely popular and well-known. Little help? As soon as I figure this one out I'll add a credit.

And finally we have some cutesy kitchen artwork. These are from a collection of scrapbook paper I recently bought at Michaels. It's wonderful. I'll have to find out who the artist is so I can hunt down more of their stuff.

I adore my new button making machine! She works like a charm and it's super simple. Exactly what I needed during this hectic week.

Come on back tomorrow to see what I'll be giving away next! After the move I'm in destash mode and I have more handmade goodness to offer up!

Oh! I just wanted to remind you all that I'm still hosting a super-duper sale over at my Etsy shop. Last years belt buckles are going for $2 a pop. Only 9 left!

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