April 9, 2010

in local news...

It has been a long but wonderful day in these parts. Weeks ago I agreed to work a shift at my pre-baby job and today was that day. It was hard to leave Georgia for so long. I can officially report that I'm not a fan. (Is it terrible to admit that I missed my computer a little too?) Thank goodness I still have lots of mat leave left.

When I got home I caught Georgia sweatin' to the oldies (unfortunately an oldie to her is something like Tik Tok by Ke$ha)

Then I found my inbox jam-packed with emails (which is rad - I totally love it!). I think I've finally caught up - for now anyway. Thank you to everyone that has shown interest in becoming a sponsor in May! Spaces are filling up very quickly, so if you're interested please get in touch with me soon.

This was interesting. I found Addie wearing a certain baby's hat. Perhaps trying to convince some of us about her cuteness.

Sorry friend, unless you look like this you ain't even close to out-cuteing my baby.

This weekend is going to be so very busy. I'm excited and a little bit nervous of burnout. I'll be visiting with friends, socializing with strangers (who? me?) and taking a road trip to the farm. I'm crossing my fingers I can get some crafting in there and possibly some sleep.

Monday I'll be visiting my favourite thrift shop in Belleville. After that I'm sure I'll have some wonderful thing to share with you all. Here's a little something I found during my last trip.

I sincerely hope you all are having a splendid Friday. Here's to a happy weekend.