April 28, 2010

download & print: blog post brainstorming part II

Evening everyone.

As promised, here are the finishing touches to the Blog Post Brainstorming journal I posted last night.

First, you have to approach your printer. Say something nice to it like "That card stock really brings out the blue in your ink jets." This may encourage cooperation, or it may cause suspicion. If you have a printer like mine it will be general tomfoolery.

Once you and your printer have worked things out (or you've headed to the print shop because you finally gave up) you'll have some pretty pieces of paper looking something like this...

Next will fold these babies in half. If you have a bone folder you can use that to make nice, crisp folds. If you're me you've lost your bone folder (but secretly you're happy because did you know that thing was made of bone?!?!) You opt for the back of a butter knife instead.

Put your stack together and get out your trusted Swingline. Mine is not a Swingline therefore I do not trust it.

And finally, brainstorm until your heart is content (or your brain has cleared).

Hope this was helpful! Happy Wednesday all!