March 26, 2010

wip: craft room

A busy day does not begin to describe what's happening over here.  My back hurts, my house is a mess and my lack of showering has led to some serious stink issues. On the brighter side; my fridge is full and my baby has a new crib - so things ain't all that bad.

I've had a few chances to sneak away to my new craft space today. Mostly I just stand in the middle of it with my hand on my forehead and a confused look on my face. Then I move a table to the corner, then to the next corner and then back to the first corner. But hey, this is how genius happens (or that's what I'll tell myself until I'm done).

Here are a few before photos of my new diy space. I'm hoping, wishing and praying that it will be done by tomorrow (I think I may be fooling myself).

Again, sorry for terrible pictures. The postman finally delivered my new camera and it's totally defective. I'm in the process of exchanging it; but we'll have to deal with fuzzy, dark pictures for a little bit longer.


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