March 31, 2010

who do you think will win?

So, time for a little TV talk.

It's Wednesday night and I'm just waiting for my friend Thursday to roll around. Thursday night television (which I don't actually get to watch it until Friday morning) is madness. Splendid madness, of course.

It brings along some of my favourites (The Office, Parks and Recreation) but it also is home to my favourite televised craftiness - Project Runway! Oh my goodness, I love that show.

Last week I was crushed when they sent Anthony packing. I adored him; he was so funny and charming. But that's the problem with the show at times. I love the character - not the clothes. He wasn't the greatest designer, but he made it impossible to cheer for anyone else. But now I guess I have to.

So tonight I ask - who are you rooting for? Who do you think will win the big prize?

Here's who I think will win....

Seth Aaron

but here is who I would like to see win...


The judges love Seth Aaron, and I understand why. But his style is just not my thing. Although his work, I agree, is impeccable.

I really like Maya so I hope she at least gets to Bryant Park. I think she has something very cool going on. Hopefully we'll see her win a challenge before the end of the season.

So that's my opinion on the matter. What's yours??


I'll be spending a good chunk of time taking and then editing photos tomorrow. That means even more super fascinating posts in the coming days (maybe even another giveaway!). See you back here soon!


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