March 29, 2010

what came in the mail

Hello all! I'm having a winning Monday and I hope you are too!

If you follow my Twitter, you already know that I had two exciting deliveries from the post office. I think it's about time that I share what they were!

My last month has been full of a little (too much) eBay shopping. I've been having too much fun - so why is it that I'm telling myself I should stop?

So, first things first. The fun thing. Not so practical - but totally, blissfully fun! I found myself a super rad vintage Fisher Price portable record player!! I have wanted one for years and years. Since I watched the scene in Ghost World when Enid lays down an LP and starts dancing. I thought "Oh yea, there's some happiness there."

She's lovely! I'm so happy that I stopped waiting to find one in a thrift store. It was happening. I had been hunting for years. Yesterday, while I was finished up my craft room I plugged her in and organized to Rosemary Clooney. Bliss!

The second purchase is equally as exciting - just a little more practical (of business based anyway). I have acquired my very own button machine! This is momentous. I cannot wait to start pumping out vintage inspired badges. I have piles and piles of ephemera just waiting to be fancied up and pinned to jackets and purses.

I haven't had a chance to use her yet, but once I do I'll be sure to show you all.
On a side note, does anyone know why I identify all of my awesome crafty and vintage finds as female? Strange. I probably won't stop, but still - strange.

Have you recently added any exciting pieces to your craft making supplies or vintage collections?


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