March 9, 2010

thrifted: vintage fisher price

Allow me to be dramatic for just a moment. I am sick. My nose is running, my head is thumping and my throat feels like its been dragged down a gravel road.

I am glad that I publicly announced that I would be blogging daily, otherwise I would not have been around for the last couple days. My only hope is that I get faster and more efficient at posting. Maybe I could take a meal planning approach to this whole thing - try to plan out a weeks worth of posts beforehand. Do any of you fellow bloggers do that?

Anywho, I digress. The real reason we're all here is for some awesome vintage Fisher Price action.

On Sunday I visited a nearby flea market for the first time and I am forever changed. Little vintage treasures were everywhere. There were so many things I wanted to drag back to my little apartment. I know I shouldn't visit on a regular basis -it would be far too easy to go broke if I did.

The first stall I passed had a box full of retro Fisher Price toys. I had to grab a couple (it only made sense). I had the Activity Centre when I was young. I love the colours in it. The other piece is a little haggard, but it still plays music. I'm not sure it will be a toy she plays with, but I like it for decoration. Aren't they adorable?

Finding these brought back memrories of my childhood toys.  What were some of your favourite play things back in the day?