March 2, 2010

thrifted: vacation treasures

While I was gone I did some thrifting. Okay, a lot of thrifting. Too much - especially considering I'll be moving in two months time. But let's be honest here - thrift store shopping requires immediate and decisive action (purchasing).

So, what shall I show you first? Well, I found some wonderful fabrics.

The cutest cotton! This is going to be so sweet in a quilt or with a handmade doll.

Speaking of dolls...look at this adorable Raggedy Anne and Andy print! Yards and yards of it!

Super cute faux fur scrap. I'll be using this to make a little fuzzbot for lady Georgia.

A really pretty paisley-like print. Not too sure what I'll do with this, but she's a lovely addition to my collection.
This next find is really exciting (I think I slam dunked it into my shopping cart)! I found this hand stitched baby quilt for only $4 at Value Village. Oh gosh, I love this little blanket and I'm so excited to have it for Georgia. I hope it's something she'll treasure for a long time.

And finally, I'll share my newest little office friend. I found myself the nicest little grey typewriter (with a working ribbon and everything). I still need to find the perfect spot for him, but I think Mr. Remington will be very happy in his new home.

Pretty lucky finds, huh? Oh, is there anything more fun to do than thrift shop?

Have you found any amazing second-hand treasures lately? I'd love to hear about them.