March 22, 2010

thrifted: plastic camera & golden books

Okay, I've been doing way too much thrifting lately. I'll admit it. I feel a little guilty-sick when I'm in the store. But let's be realistic here - I can't stop. I wasn't raised to just stop thrift shopping. Besides, I had a load of stuff that I needed to donate and I couldn't just drive away. Foolishness.

And look, if I stopped I wouldn't have found this little lovely.

She was in her original box and everything. Thanks Robert!
As soon as I got home I found some film on Ebay and ordered myself some. I cannot wait to try this cute little camera!

I also found loads of books for Georgie-G. We've been reading lots together (I read, she yells at the pages). I love, love, love Golden Books (or at least the spines of Golden Books). I want to fill her bookshelves with them!

All in all, a pretty productive Monday. The rain may have fallen most of the day, but it couldn't keep me down.

How was the start of your week?