March 23, 2010

one hundred

My lady Georgia has reached her 100th day.

One hundred oddly wonderful days. They've been loud and a little smelly; full of cuddles and smiles.

To commemorate this momentous occasion Georgie and I headed over to our friend Des' house for some fancy photos (I'll share more of these soon).

When I lived in China I noticed that all the families I visited had a giant baby photo prominently displayed in their livingroom. Whenever I asked about it I was told that it was tradition to celebrate their childs 100th day of life.

I promised myself that when I had a baby I would do the same. I'm so happy that at some point during this haze I made a little note in my phone that today would be that day. The pictures I've seen are wonderful!  I can't wait to choose one to frame and hang in our new home.

Oh yes - remember the other day when I said she laughed? It wasn't a laugh. At least, not when compared to what she gave me tonight. This time there was a definite ha-ha to her laugh; not just a stuttered happy shriek. A-mazing! What a way to make a special day even more memorable.

I love you little girl. Being your mama is my favourite.