March 4, 2010

the great buckle purge

As you can probably tell I'm getting back to Thursday big time.  During my entire pregnancy I couldn't be bothered to craft, but now that I have my energy back (sort of) I'm all over it.  Unfortunately (no, wait, fortunately) my days are a little fuller now and I have less time to make things.  This will not deter me though, and My Girl Thursday will be back in full force soon enough.

For now, I've re-opened my Etsy and I'm having a massive belt buckle sale.  I have a pile of last years buckles (and some seconds) and I need to find them new homes.  I'll be listing all of the buckles in the picture and then some.

Stop by the shop to have a peek; each piece is $2 a pop.  Maybe you'll find a little something to suit you.