February 28, 2010

thrifted: clothing

Originally posted February 7, 2010

One last posting about my recent second-hand haul. This time I thought I'd brag about my clothing finds.

This dress isn't actually a new find, but it was just returned to me. I love, love, love this piece! I think I'm going to shorten it, and save it for special occasions (like craft shows).

I grabbed up a few pretty silk scarves. I love the sunshine print on the last one and the colour combos in the other two. I've been searching for some colour inspiration lately and I'm hoping these new friends will help!

A classic grey wool blazer and a brown leather jacket. Perhaps a little plain though. I think I'd like to add a little embroidery to the grey jacket. The brown piece is killer with a pair of jeans though; I'll leave this one alone.

The last thrifty find for the day are these beautiful tan leather gloves. I love (!) the gold chain detailing. These are stunning in person. Unfortunately these beauties don't fit me so they'll eventually find their way to Etsy.