February 28, 2010

fp: black apple dolls

Originally posted January 30, 2010

For weeks now I've racked my brain, trying to figure out what I'll make a very special girl for her first birthday. My first instinct was a quilt (that's always my first thought - why does that have to be my first thought?). Although I love them, and they're definitely a memorable gift, a quilt would be way too much to put on my plate now. So what then? What do you make for a one year old?

Here's what I came up with. I searched and searched through plushie tutorials looking for the right one. This is it, I know this is it. I was a little apprehensive before starting this project. Every time I tackle a new craft I think it's going to be a breeze. The most common outcome is that it is not in fact a breeze, rather a scenic road trip to hell and back. This project was something in between the dream and the reality (I'm definitely not the most skilled at sewing up doll heads).

The pattern is by Emily from The Black Apple. A while back when she visited Martha she showcased this particular project. They're oh so adorable and perfect for using up cute little scraps in your stash. All in all they took about two days of interrupted crafting to complete (many thanks to my partner for taking Georgia out of the house Thursday night so I could finish them up).
Without further ado, here are the final results!

She's my favourite. If it were up to me her name would
be Hazel, but naming this little one is not up to me.

This little girl will probably be her parents favourite.
Just a guess, I might be wrong...